When you go for a walk in the neighbourhood of our Stellplatz, you will find several unique places in Čilistov itself.

  • After parking, you will notice the building of the Šamorín Kayak-Canoe Club right next to us. It can boast several generations of outstanding Slovak sportsmen, world champions as well as olympic winners). All day long, you can see young sportsmen train on the ground and on the channel flowing right behind Stellplatz
  • Not far away, within 500 m, the dyke of the water management project Gabčíkovo is to be found whose upper part is used as a route for cyclists (Bratislava – Gabčíkovo)
  •  Under the dyke, the Kormorán Hotel is situated with its beautiful park, lagoon and footbridge. Walking across the footbridge you will get to a minizoo and a beach where various events and contests are held almost every weekend
  • If you feel like cycling, we recommend you to ride on your bikes to the ferry in Kyselica that will take you free of charge to the other side, to the village Vojka. The ferry is 5 km away from Čilistov.  
  • x-bionic® sphere- aquatic park is supposed to be built, along with horse racing and other recreational facilities – all of this will be within a distance of 500 metres from us!

Within 5 Km you will find:

  • A golf course in the village Báč
  •  The Port of Hamuliakovo 

Within 20 km you will find: