We are inviting you to make a stop in our Stellplatz with your campers or caravans and let them have a rest for a while and refill all that is necessary (water, WC, a sink for chemical WC, electricity, free WI-FI)


Our Stellplatz is located in a fenced compound of the town Šamorín, part Čilistov, lying 20 km from the capital Bratislava, alongside the Danube river. The parking capacity is up to 25 caravans.

While your caravan has a rest, you will be able to relax as well. Since our Stellplatz is located in a very attractive place, you will definitely not be bored. 

A lot of attractions and interesting places are within a stone´s throw of our Stellplatz.

(for more details, see the part “Neighbourhood“)

Within 500 m

  • The dyke of the water management project Gabčíkovo
  • A beach and sports fields 
  • A channel and a lagoon with a beautiful park
  • Minizoo
  • A route for cyclists ( Bratislava - Gabčíkovo )
  • The hotel Kormorán and the port Kormorán
  • x-bionic® sphere-  aquatic park and wellness, horse racing and other sports and recreational facilities are being built in the vicinity


Within 5 km 


  • A ferry between the villages Kyselica and Vojka within the water management project Gabčíkovo
  • A golf course in the village Báč
  • The port of Hamuliakovo


Within 20 km

  • Bratislava
  • The Sunny Lakes in Senec (one of the most famous tourist resorts in Slovakia)
  • The water management project Gabčíkovo
  • A thermal swimming pool in Dunajská Streda
  • Slovakia Ring Lehnice (a race track) 

We will be happy if you make a stop in our place, unfold your awnings and spend there several days. We are looking forward to your visit.

Stellplatz Čilistov - Caravan Club Samaria